Social Security

We offer the following services related to social security :

  • Analysis of the employee status (expatriation or secondment) and determination of the most appropriate and cost efficient social coverage
  • Estimation of social security contribution costs and comparative simulations depending on the country and the chosen scheme
  • Analysis of “muti-state” situations
  • Advice on benefit entitlements (sickness, retirement, unemployment, family allowances, etc)
  • Advice on payroll obligatons related to remuneration, benefits-in-kind and paid allowances
  • Registration with the voluntary social security schemes for expatriates
  • Formalities for secondment (A1 and S1 certificates in application of EU Regulations, certificates in application of bilateral social security agreement, etc)
  • Registration with the French social security scheme for foreign companies without establishment in France
  • Registration of foreign employees with the French medical fund (“Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie”)

Oz Avocats also proposes bespoke trainings in international mobility to Human Resources, payroll and mobility client teams.